Technical description:

Pantelimon warehouse it is composed from a deposit of 2979, 32 sqm and 511, 40 sqm for office space.
The heating for the depositing area it is made with the help of the forced convection air heater that functions with hot water, the thermic agent it is assured from the own thermical station.
In the office area the heating and the preparation of the hot water it is made with 2 thermical mural centrals.
The fuel used it is methane from the existing network in the area.
The depositing hall it is dotted with an installation for fire extinct, hydrants and sprinklers, having its own pumping station and a nontouchable reserve of 150 mc water. The water it is assured from a very deep draw well situated near the pumping station.
The electricity provision it is made in a transformation point situated in the industrial parc out of which makes the deposit it is a part.
The hall has its own general distribution panel from which are feeded three distincted areas and the hall it is provided with an arrester and an earth plug.

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