Class A+ office building DELEA NOUA
Technical description:

The building is located in the centre of Bucharest, more exactly in the perimeter encompassed by the three squares UNIVERSITATE, UNIREA and MUNCII. The decision of the investors was to build an A plus class office building in an A minus class area, offering the clients an office space near to the centre at a relatively low cost.

The building is elevated on a plot of 1.200,00 m2 having the facades on Calea Calarasilor, Delea Noua and Matei Basarab Street and having two underground levels, a ground floor and ten upper floors.

In the B underground (surface 1.182,00 m2) there are 42 parking places as well as spaces for electromechanical installations. The car access is realized with an elevator from the A underground.

In the A underground (surface 1.182,00 m2) there are 26 parking places, spaces for electromechanical installations as well as the access ramp, which is the main entrance to the A underground from Matei Basarab Street.

At the ground floor (surface 883,50 m2) there are three pedestrian accesses to the building, from which two accesses serve the main building and the third the retail space at the ground floor. Beside the ramp from Matei Basarab Street, there is also a car access to the 28 parking places which are located on the neighboring plot. The number of the outside parking places can be increased very easily by the erection of a steel structure (multi-storey parking).

The particular shape of the plot confers the building an enormous advantage, which is the possibility of separating it on the vertical in three wings having separate entries, elevators, staircases and lavatories. It can be separated horizontally by creating a retail space at the ground floor (457,15 m2) and at the first floor (695,50 m2), area which is suitable also for a bank. The rest of the building can be used as a single whole or separated per floor. All the open spaces have the view to the facade and benefit of abundant natural light.

The typical shaped floors which are: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (gross area 1.118,60 m2, net 750,50 m2) can be separated in three distinct office areas per floor.

At the eighth floor (gross area 720,00 m2, net 520,00 m2) it crops up the first change in the design of the floor, having as a result a terrace over the Calarasilor wing.

At the 9th floor the elevation is restricted only to the Matei Basarab wing (net surface 167,50 m2) while the remaining terrace is accessible and can be used as roof garden. At the 10th floor there is a penthouse with a net surface of 145,00 m2. The floors 9 and 10 can function completely independent from the rest of the building.

The installations used for the building are also A class. Together with the particular design, they ensure the highest performances of the building. Electrical installations: The lightening system in the office area is realized through halogen lamps 4x18 w having identical dimensions as the cassettes of the fake ceiling, and in the area of the toilettes the lightening is realized with halogen lamps 2x26 w.
The electricity wires are installed into a wire tube positioned under the falls ceiling, making very easy the splitting of the open space area.
Each floor has a separate electric panel and counter; this way each floor's electricity expenditure can be counted independently from the others. The building it is dotted with high capacity UPS that assures the good functioning of the computers network in case of a power break down, having a 180 minutes autonomy.
There is also a generator that will ensure the functioning of the main consumers in case of a power break down.

Weak currents:
The building has an access control system that allows an efficient surveillance of the building. It is also provided with a fire detection installation which means a fire can be easily detected and stopped because of the sprinklers system. The building is equipped with wires for computers and telephones and there is also the possibility to have a server room on each floor.

The HVAC system is designed to ensure the maximum comfort for the whole building. In the building are mounted 2 boilers of 600 KW for preparing the hot water necessary for heating the radiators (from the sanitary groups) and the alimentation of the 117 vent convectors (mounted in the ceiling from the office area). In the space that it is designated for office, it is introduces continuously fresh air in proportion of 100%, prepared in the 2 air treatment centrals that are mounted on the terrace of the 10 floor. The preparation of the chilled water it is made with 2 chillers of 450 KW mounted on the 8th floor terrace. The vent convectors are dotted with 2 batteries (one hot water, one chilled water), the distribution being in 4 pipes so in the transition periods (spring and autumn), the temperature in the office area can be adjusted as it is wished (warmer or cooler). The adjustment and the conservation of the temperature in the room it is done through a thermostat which will action on the 3 ways vent of the batteries.

The parking was fitted with mechanical ventilation for the smoke and the nixes dimensioned for the both functions, and the heating during winter in this area it is done with forced convection air heater.

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